"Discover How my last four rounds have been

and it is all thanks to this
fantastic golf learning system"

That Comment Above is from Glenn!!!!! He is a Golf Addict just like you

But before I tell you a little more about Glenn lets see what this simple to follow golf system will do for your game.

If you are reading this page then i know you are here to find a solution to your golfing problems and I am here to help you.

This breakthrough personal golf instruction ebook was tested on more than seven hundred golfers worldwide before it went into production.

These tests were done by everyday handicap golfers so that we could be sure every level of golfer (and i do not care if you are a single figure handicapper or a weekend hacker) can be guaranteed of a golf improvement system that has been battle tested out on the golf course by golfers like you, golfers with handicaps ranging from 0 to 36.

So we know this will work for you as well.

But I can hear you right now!!!

"How will this system help me improve my golf game?"

That's what you are asking, am I right?

Just check out below how your game will improve.

YES... you will sink short putts with your eyes closed

YES... bunker shots will hold no fear for you

YES... hitting the green from 100 yards will be a doddle

YES... driving long and straight will seem easy

YES... no more duffed or chunked chip shots

YES... you will beat your pals in your weekend fourball

YES... you will get more enjoyment from the game

How would your buddies react if you all of a sudden cut your handicap by 6 Strokes?


Are you struggling with your Golf Game?


As a golfer myself I know the problems and frustrations that can creep into your game.

Yes, just like you I suffered all of these problems and frustrations and it was always a case of "what might have been" 

I am sure you know what it is like............

You go back to the clubhouse after your round knowing that if you could just cut out those stupid mistakes, because that is what they are, just STUPID mistakes. Then you will finally reach the level of golf you know you can achieve.

Well, by using this unique tested and proven system that I have developed with the help of PGA Teaching Professionals and some seriously good amateur golfers, you can now eliminate these STUPID mistakes from your game.

Keep reading to learn more about this system and how it is aimed at helping you to develop a better golf game and how it will help you to lower your handicap and have more fun playing golf.

Here are just a few of the "Inside Secrets" you will learn about golf that your golf pro never told you about....... and never will for that matter

DAY 1.... How to instantly gain expert status and learn the secret of the stunningly-effective putting tricks that force you to hit accurately! (You'll swear your ball has become laser targetted to the cup like a magical magnet!)

DAY 3... How to eliminate those dreaded three putts with a highly controversial putting method called "Tame the Monster" You wont find this one in any of your run of the mill golf magazines

DAY 6... Why most everyday chipping styles taught all over the world actually guarantee you will have an erratic game at best ! (And why this old secret from the 1950's puts you lightyears ahead of even the most highly-paid teachers!) your buddies will wonder where you found out about this highly secret tactic

DAY 8... Start hitting devastatingly accurate chip shots and cut at least two strokes off your score using a simple piece of string and six golf balls!

DAY 12... Stop "scooping and fluffing " your chips and pitches (like 99% of all golfers do) and start nailing every short shot with rifle precision with the "distance" technique that guarantees your ball to land softly with controlled spin and roll!

DAY 14... How to treat every bunker as nothing more than a kiddies sandpit, a place for fun. This never before heard of tactic will enable you to easily obtain good positioning in the fairway or next to the green! (Once you understand how the ball reacts from sand, you won't be afraid to even aim for it — just like the pros — and never shoot around it again!)

DAY 15... Place your ball within one putt distance of the pin from 50 yards out every time! This highly guarded pro secret has just been uncovered and will have you hitting more greens in regulation and leaving you with just single putts for birdies and pars

DAY 18... Now you will never hit another bad opening drive. This mind blowing mental thought combined with this superior swing drill will explode your driving skills to another level

DAY 21... After you have finished the first 20 days. I will give you a specific tailor made (not taylormade) practise session that will put you light years ahead of the golf you are playing now.

If you are really serious about your golf game then you should be using this tried and tested system now!!!.

You remember i started to tell you the story about Glenn...............


"So let's just go back to Glenn's story and see what his experience was like"


Glenn is a handicap golfer just like yourself, but he took the time to use our simple and easy to use golf learning system and you saw for yourself the results he achieved.

Glen was a 14 handicapper, but now using this simple to follow set of drills he slashed his handicap by 6 strokes and is now playing off of an 8 handicap.

Glenn is not the only one either who has benefitted from using these drills. Just look at the testimonials to the left from golfers of all abilities who have improved their game.

What is this secret resource and system that Glenn and many other golfers have used to improve their golf games so quickly and easily?

Or more to the point I bet you are thinking

"How can this system help ME improve my Golf?"

Well that is the right question to ask.

If other golfers have used these drills to improve their game, lower their handicap, and dare i say it, taken a few dollars off of their buddy's in the meantime. Can you do the SAME? Of course you can.

What would it be worth to you to be able to win your regular fourball, even step up to the plate and win the club monthly medal?

I'll tell you because I know. Your golf buddies will be wondering where this sudden improvement has come from and why all of a sudden YOU have turned into the local club version of "Tiger Woods"

And what would it be worth to you to be able to turn the 100s into the 90s, the 90s into the 80s and the 80s into the70s

All of these milestones will be possible. It is only you and that little white ball and it will happen by using "21 Days to Better Golf".

When you start using this golf learning system you will be well on the way to achieving your golfing targets for real.

Don't think you can do what these other golfers have done? Having negative thoughts?

Well that's understandable, I have come off the course before and thought "If Only"

"If Only I had not missed those three or four short putts" and "If only I hadn't left two shots in the bunker" and "If only I had taken a four iron instead of a five iron across the pond"


Does this sound like your Golf Game?


Well now it won't be that way. I have helped hundreds of golfers like yourself improve their scores by using the same drills that you can start using straight away when you purchase this easy to use golf learning system today.


This golf learning system '21 Days to Better Golf" is not just some theoretical information but a truly practical method for improving your golf game and lowering your handicap.

I have put in a lot of hours and talked to lots of leading teaching professionals and top amateur golfers to develop this learning system for you, it is also Easy and fun to read, Easy to understand
and Easy to implement

"21 Days to Better Golf" has been written with clear instructions, and most importantly explains in a simple way, the drills you will use to help you improve all parts of your game including: Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play and finally Driving.

You can use this system at your own pace and revert to it whenever you need to. Each practise drill and session is outlined clearly with easy to follow instructions.

I am sure your are still a little skeptical so........


Let me prove it works



I am so confident that this golf learning system will improve your golf that I am going to prove it to you right now.

I want you to read the drill below and decide whether it can improve your putting. I personally think that just this one drill will cut a couple of strokes from your score very quickly.

If you think it does then order the package straight away.

Day 1

There is an old saying in golf which I am sure you know and have heard many times  "Drive for show,Putt for dough" Well that is one golfing term  that no player can get away from however good they may be or however bad they may be.

In Putting there is definitely always room to improve, so,lets get started.

The first part of the book will focus on the need to practice your putting, and there are 4 drills that you will be working on over the first week.

Lets start with the first one which is called………

Hole em

Take four golfballs out onto the practice putting green and set them down just 1 foot from the hole, yes just 1 foot from the hole. Now knock them in at speed, don't just trickle them in make them hit the back of the cup and drop.

Do this 3 times making sure that you hole every single putt.

If you miss one putt then you must start from the beginning

Once you have completed 3 sets of 4 putts from a foot, move the balls 2 feet from the hole and repeat the exercise, again knocking them in at speed.  Again make them hit the back of the cup and drop Do this three times making sure that every single putt drops If you miss one you must go back and start from the beginning.

And when i say the beginning, i mean from the one foot
putts. Yes, you must start from the one foot putts. I know this will get frustrating at times but believe me it is worth it.

Once you have completed 3 sets of 4 putts from two feet, move the balls 4 feet from the hole and repeat the exercise again knocking them in at speed.  Again make them hit the back of the cup and drop Do this three times making sure that every single putt drops If you miss one, you must go back and start from the beginning.

And when i say the beginning, again i mean from the one foot putts. Yes, you must start from the one foot putts.

Now you will be tearing your hair out, but trust me, you will get it right and it will improve your putting.

Once you have completed 3 sets of 4 putts from four feet, move the balls 8 feet from the hole and repeat the exercise again knocking them in at speed.  Again make them hit the back of the cup and drop. Do this three times making sure that every single putt drops. If you miss one, well you know what to do now, go back to the beginning and start again.

I’ll tell you something It took me three two
hour sessions to go through the whole series of one foot, two foot, four foot and eight foot putts before I did it.

This drill really is a good test, not only of your putting but also it is a test of your perseverence and will to improve your golf game.

Get this drill right and you are already well on your way to cutting your scores.


So, do you think the above drill will help you lower your score?


If you do then you owe it to yourself to give "21 Days to Better Golf" a try.




I am so confident that this will prove to be the best investment you can make in your golf game that I will guarantee your purchase.

If you promise to give the drills in the system a thorough tryout and they dont work for you, then I will happily refund your whole purchase price.

You have 8 weeks to try the system out and if you say it's not for you then we will give you a hassle free refund. No questions asked

Your Results Are 100% Guaranteed ... 
You Lower Your Handicap-- Or You Don't Pay!

Put what I'm offering you here to the test. If it doesn't lower your scores in 30 days then obviously it wasn't for you.

In fact, take up to 8 weeks, and if your game has not improved by at least 4 - 6 strokes, then just let me know, and you'll get an instant refund.

That's how confident I am in the quality of the team that have helped me put this system together and the secrets and strategies you'll learn.

It is important for me to have only satisfied customers.


But how much will this cost me?


Well!!! the cost of this system is really tiny when you compare it to the amount of value you get from it. If I were to ask you how much you would pay for Golf Instruction which is going to reduce your handicap by at least 6 strokes, what would you tell me!!!

A golf lesson with your local pro for one hour will cost you a minimum of $50 and that's just for one lesson.

I am giving you "Twenty One" lessons here for less than the price of a lesson with your golf pro.

It would cost you a minimum of $500, probably a lot more to get the same value from lessons with your golf pro.

I don't know your desire to really make a difference in your golf game but I can guarantee you will improve your game and lower your scores by six strokes.

To be honest, I want to get this learning system out to as many golfers as possible and thought it would be good to price it accordingly.

Therefore you can get "21 Days to Better Golf" today for less than the cost of a dozen new golf balls.

You can order now for just $47 and be on your way to a more enjoyable golf game. Once you order you can download the product instantly.......... BUT WAIT!!!

Until the end of May I am having an Early Golf Season SPECIAL and you can get this great resource for.......




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Dont forget! "21 Days to Better Golf" is a simple easy to use, colour by numbers golf learning system that has been designed for you with the input of leading PGA Teaching Professionals.

And your satisfaction is guaranteed by our 8 week "Try it Out" Guarantee

P.S. Take the "21 Day Challenge" yourself and find out exactly how to knock strokes off of your handicap. You've got nothing to lose with our Risk-Free Guarantee.

P.P.S. You know, in all of my time working with golf pros, I have never come across a group like the ones who have helped to develop this programme. I've found there are two types of golfer: Those who practise, and those who don't. If you've read this far, then I'm sure you are one of the few who PRACTISE, because you want to have fun and see real results today. Now go lower your golf score , knowing you've got the power to do it now!

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